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30 March 2008

Taking out the trash

Every now and then I start writing a post (collect an article(s) to focus on, make notes to myself about what I should add later, and so on). However, at some point between starting it and publishing it, I decide that either I am beating a dead horse or I just get too busy to follow through then I lose all momentum to finish.

Looking back through my blog posts, I have several draft posts. Rather than finish them, I will just "take out the garbage", and post what I have. I may come back and finish them later, but I just want to feel like I am making progress.

Another one "bites" the dust

Extinctions galore. Some researchers out at Oregon State are arguing that the end-K extinction was the result of a rise of insects.

Click here for the story

Of course this doesn't explain what happened in the marine realm. Or why animals in a lacustrine, fluvial, or marsh setting seemed to for the most part be spared. References and rants are forthcoming.

Sometimes it's hard to breathe

This is an interesting idea, they are proposing the evolution of the avian respiratory system was not as a result of them needing to breathe as they fly at altitude, but a result of dropping O2 concentrations prior to the Permian extinction. They argue that early dinosaurs developed this respiratory system (passing it on to birds) and this is what allowed dinosaurs to flourish and take the top niches in the mesozoic.

Click here for the story

I am unfamiliar with the latest on paleobiology, but is there any evidence of this?

It's like deja vu all over again

I will admit, I do love how the one thing all these Permian extinction papers seem to have in common is that scientists have "nailed" the end-K extinction. Despite nobody being able to solve for the Signor-Lipps effect.

click here to read about volcanism as the cause of the Permian extinction

click here to read about global warming as the cause

a bit old (2004, but hey I cite things from the 80s at times), but click here to read about another bolide impact.

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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