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22 August 2008

Wherein I have finished a house of cards


I finished a draft of that damnable tome!!!!

After developing a sleep problem (of the not variety), a couple of bizarre rants on teacups, and not making anything that would qualify as "contact" with another living being for extended periods of time, I have managed to send a draft of my thesis to the advisor.

I only had to teach Word a bunch of terms (that is how you know good science). And it only killed my last laptop in a most grueling fashion. But now, I win! Sure, it will come back in a few weeks looking worse than before, but I can live in blissful anticipation of my house of cards being knocked down.

This sums up how I felt while writing:
Now to await the inevitable sequel.


Callan Bentley said...

Brian, Congrats! That's gotta feel good. Hopefully Jim goes easy on you... CB

BrianR said...

congrats ... enjoy these times of accomplishment

Bryan said...


these moments of accomplishment almost make up for the weeks of feeling like I am stuck in the mud. I also hope Jim goes easy, or at least I can figure out what he wants.



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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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