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03 September 2008

From Across the Pond

Sorry about being away from the internets (it isn't for a lack of trying). Some of the places we have visited have been out in the countryside (no internet), others insist on charging me exhorbinant sums of money for their use. So, while I have been keeping up with my posts (on the smallest laptop I have ever seen), I am only just now uploading them to the site. I have scheduled them to appear on a semi-regular basis, but this means that the events as they happen on the blog don't correspond with what I have been up to (not sure that it matters, but I figured it should be said anyway). So I will be putting up my first post that I made over here shortly. Thanks.

(The worlds smallest laptop! As my hand (singular) is bigger than the keyboard, I apologize for any typos that appear)

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
The photo of the travertine spring was taken in the small opening in the center of the image.

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