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17 September 2008

Lo Siento! means I don't want to cause an international incident.

I have been here in Spain for a few days now (attending the EuroEnGeo 2008 conference). So this post is a little ahead of where I left off my previous line. I have a couple of photos from York that I will post, as well as a summary of my trip to Siccar Point, but I forgot my SD card back in my room, so I will just wait on those two.

I will comment that Spain is very beautiful, though very dry (it would fit in well with Colorado). And I have fortunately not caused an international incident yet, which I was a bit concerned about since I didn't know how to say "I'm sorry" until just a few minutes ago.

The time zone change is very odd though, I am west of England, but I am an hour ahead of them. I imagine it is even more dramatic in Portugal and western Spain. So I have been getting up well before the sun rises, and am usually gearing down to go to bed as the sun is setting (though that is when dinner usually starts). Culture shock aside, I have enjoyed the trip and have only a short time before I must return to the crashing economy of the States. Hopefully, the airline I am on will hold out (I don't know if people State-side have heard about the 3 commercial airlines going under (at least one was considered quite sizabe, I haven't heard commentary on the size of the others) in the short time I have been here). Soon I will leave behind the stories of Gordon Brown's troubles as PM, and I will experience my own troubles regarding the terrifying possibility that Palin could be one heartbeat away from the presidency (why the polls still show the Reps doing okay is an absolute mystery).

To sum up this ramble:
  • posts about the flooding in York and my trip to Siccar Point are forthcoming.
  • I will sum up what I have gathered (and my impressions) from the euroengeo conference (keep in mind I am just a humble sed/strat guy. not an engineering geologist)
  • I might talk about some of the things I did around Madrid (unfortunately no cameras allowed at the art museums so pictures will be sparse).
  • And then I will probably go back to my sporadic posting schedule (especially since I just checked through ~100 emails in my inbox, mostly junk but I did come across a rather important message regarding paperwork for graduation).

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
The photo of the travertine spring was taken in the small opening in the center of the image.

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