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07 September 2008

Rob from the rich and give to me please

We made it to Nottingham, and despite my best efforts, I have been unsuccesful in finding an officer willing to take a photo with a tourist. There was a pair of them who were about to, but there supervisor came around a corner and told me it was against regulations while they were on duty (she seemed a bit stern, I hope I didn't get the two officers in trouble). I just wanted a photo of me with a "sheriff" of Nottingham (rimshot goes here).

While in Nottingham, we visited the Castle (of which the legend of Robin Hood used as a setting). Speaking of Hood, they have erected a statue of him, as well as his merry men (and several plaques retelling some of his exploits).

However, the most stunning feature of this castle is its location. While walking around the castle, we stumbled upon outcrops of Nottingham sandstone, complete with channel deposits. Theon sandstone was deposited during the Triassic when a large river was flowing through this portion of pangaea. (or as I joked some builder decided to cover beautiful fluvial deposits with some castle). On the other hand it is a very nice real world example of super-position, cross-cutting relationships, and unconformities, what with the castle resting uncomformably atop the Nottingham sandstone and some tunnels being dug through the fluvial deposits.

unconformity and superposition:

cross-cutting the fluvial deposits:

The important fluvial deposits (the door (not counting the archway) is about 5 ft tall, for scale):

a close up of the center of the above image (a nice channel):


Anonymous said...

go to "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem"? The pub, the oldest in Britain and built into the Triassic sandstone beneath Nottingham Castle.

Bryan said...

yeah we swung on by there. I think my brother's camera is the one with the picture of it though. (at least I can't find it on my sd card)


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