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07 November 2008

Animal meme

Most of my field animals are cattle. I come across the occasional snake, but after the quick startle, I usually forget to snap a photo. I try every once in a while to take a picture of a passing hawk, but they don't turn out so nice. Anyway without further ado, are several of my laughably poor attempts to take photos of the wildlife I encounter.
I named this fellow "Dwight" (no particular reason). I was hiking across a field, and noticed several burrows. At the end of the day I got a shot of this prarie dog. The noble prarie dog, how you amused me...briefly.

I also came across some of these happy-go-lucky individuals (though this particular one was on my porch). Orb spiders are fairly common, and about as poisonous as a bee. Though, the first one I saw I couldn't readily identify it as anything other than a spider the size of a quarter. Orbie (as I called this one) kept on collecting moths and what-not until the first snow came. Then, come spring, a good wind carried the next generation away from my patio (good thing too, I don't know if I had enough space for multiple Orb spiders to live happily).

And finally, the most dread animal ever to come across in the wild.... my sister's West Highland White (that's right, WHITE) Terror... I mean Terrier.
She was astoundingly cooperative in this photo. Usually she blinks when the photo is taken (I kid you not, I have one of her squinting) or she turns around and refuses to be photographed.

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
The photo of the travertine spring was taken in the small opening in the center of the image.

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