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27 February 2009

Happy Blog-day ITV!!!

Inexplicably the earth has completed one whole circuit around the sun since I started this blog. Huzzah and hoorah! So what better way to celebrate than to give a breakdown of what this blog covers in its 85 posts (Blogistics, if you will).

Let's see, first my current top google search that finds (and then links to me) is :
"What scientist named the terradactyl [sic]"
Okay, I know exactly where that links. It links to The Fatal Law of Gravity. I am very fond of this post, but for that to be the search that finds it most often is disheartening. Especially since "terradactyls" had nothing to do with the post, except some EEdiot claiming they needed less gravity to fly (thus implying a smaller earth). However, if you read the post, dutiful internet user, you would realize that a smaller earth imparts a GREATER force due to gravity. You also would realize "terradactyl" is a typo, and it is spelled pterodactyl. Which, to answer your original question, was described in 1794 by the Italian Naturalist Cossimo Collini (thank you wikipedia).

I also receive a fair amount of traffic (a few hits... ok, one or two) regarding the "veritas tree". This most likely linked to my Obligatory Tree Post. And just combined my title with the word tree. Speaking of the title, In Terra Veritas is rough latin for "Upon the Earth is Truth". A good friend of mine came up with the slogan while we were in a quarry. We were bandying latin phrases back and forth at each other. I yelled In Vino Veritas at him, and he responded In Terra Veritas. We both like the sound of it and since then, we have both used it. I decided it would be a good name for a geoblog. He decided it would be a good name for his memoirs. Though I prefer his original memoir title "Stuff and Junk".

Other cool things to note. A search for "GSI3D" finds me clocking in around #5. This is for my visit to the British Geological Survey and attending, then subsequently blogging about, the GSI3D conference. To sum up, it was great fun, I recommend everyone visit the BGS. And speaking of the BGS, I am apparently anomalously high for people doing a search for "the BGs" (bee-gee's). Which are some sort of musical troupe I gather, sorry not too musical here... Well, I like music, but this blog isn't about it.

Now for the content of my blog. I consider this to be, primarily, a geology blog. But I sometimes find myself talking about ancillary topics to geology. So, here is a breakdown of all my posts divided into specific categories. Note: some posts fit multiple categories, like a geologic themed meme for example.

Geology: 36 (42%)......................... The Thesis: 2 (2%)
Other Science: 10 (12%)................ Internet: 6 (7%)
Memes: 13 (15%)............................Other: 14 (17%)
Politics: 13 (15%)

Or you can just look at the poorly colored pie chart straight out of Excel:

Now, the more attentive of you will realize that I have more than 100% there. It actually totals 110%. That is because I bring 110% to this blog EVERY POST!!! Actually, it is because certain posts were counted in multiple categories. Anyway, Happy Birthday In Terra Veritas!


Silver Fox said...

Congrats and Happy B-Day! I love your blogistics, that must have taken 110% of your time. Might have to try that.

Callan Bentley said...

sturasHappy blogiversary, Bryan!

Callan Bentley said...

Oops -- typed the "word verification" before my comment! Sorry...

Mel said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Bryan said...

thank you all very much.


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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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