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08 February 2009

Update: NSF

The compromises have been made. It was looking bleak last I checked, Friday afternoon. Arguments from conservative democrats and republicans that funding science, and the arts for that matter, is a waste of money seemed to be taking hold.

However, in the mean time the funding situation has been firmed up. Science didn't take too much of a hit, but the NEA lost its proposed funding increase. The stimulus package is scheduled for a vote on Monday. The final figures for science look a little something like this.
Science $300,000,000
Aeronautics $250,000,000
Shuttle Replacement $500,000,000
Cross-Agency Support (Construction) $250,000,000
Office of the Inspector General $2,000,000
Total = $1,302,000,000
National Science Foundation
Research and related activities $1,000,000,000
Major equipment and facilities construction $150,000,000
Education and human resources $50,000,000
Office of the Inspector General $2,000,000
Total = $1,202,000,000
So that is what it looks like. Bad Astronomy has more information than I have, including a link to the spreadsheet with it all broken down by Subcommittee, Department, or Agency. If you contacted your senator to encourage funding science, it is probably a good idea to contact them again and thank them. Though I think I will wait to see how my senators vote on this before I thank them.

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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