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15 February 2009


This Scientific American headline caught my eye in Google Reader:

At AAAS, Al Gore urges scientists to get involved in climate change debate

I thought to myself, surely there is more to this story. This is just some sort of ploy to get higher readership. No, apparently Al Gore, who uses SCIENTIST'S data to demonstrate climate change is happening, thinks scientist's are just sitting this one out. The article goes off on crazy tangents toward the end, but the relevant bit to the title is quoted below:
CHICAGO--Fresh from adding a Grammy to his mantle Sunday, former vice president Al Gore told scientists gathered here for the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to push administration officials and the general public for solutions to climate change.

Scientists can no longer in good conscience accept this division between the work you do and the civilization in which you live," Gore said.

"Keep your day jobs, but get involved in the debate," he added.

Now, I appreciate Mr. Gore making himself the political spokesman for the climate change movement, but telling the scientists to get off their asses and start carrying their own weight in this debate seems a bit bizarre. Especially since scientists were the ones to raise the alarm about the climate change movement. It wasn't tree-hugging, hemp-wearing, environmentalists, it was Charles Keeling (a SCIENTIST who apparently was one of Gore's teachers) who first raised awareness of climate change (see the Keeling Curve).

However, he may have a point. Scientists don't take enough awareness of what goes on in their communities. Under our watch creationism has run rampant to the point that nobody has ever heard of evolution. If only scientists would have helped the legal system to realize creationism isn't science. Under our watch flood geology is being taught in public schools at the expense of plate tectonics. Really scientists, we have got to start talking to the public about the things we figure out. You know, if scientists started talking to the general public we could eliminate smallpox!!! At the very least, I wouldn't walk out of a doctor's office covered in leaches and concerned about the demon that apparently took up residence in my trachea. C'mon scientists we should do our part: we've only found the data, tested the hypothesis, documented the change, educated the general public, published study after study that demonstrates climate change from a variety of different lines of evidence. Clearly, we have been complacent.

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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