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22 March 2009

What every geologist should know: Florida Edition

A short while back, there was a fun meme running around where you were asked to list 10 things every geology student should know. The catch was not listing anything that had previously been listed. It was a fun way to think outside the standard list that, I am pretty sure, all of us had running through our heads.
Well, not to feel left out, the state of Florida, specifically the University of Florida Administration, has joined in on the fun! Since it hasn't posted its criteria in any list form, I have decided to list out their 10 things every geology student should know:


Wow, now THAT is a comprehensive list. What? The list is blank you say? Well, obviously it is because the University of Florida (one of America's 5 largest universities) has decided to CUT GEOLOGY from the curriculum. Now, I could rant about how incomprehensibly stupid this is for a state like Florida to do. I mean, unless they have somehow managed to solve problems like sinkholes, floods, and coastal erosion, not to mention the potential for a tsunami (related to submarine slides, and another article here). But instead I think I will let this comment, from the Florida Citizens for Science, do that for me:
In an era of ‘green technology’, environmental awareness, the need for natural resource management, global climate change and the need to preserve access to freshwater, the thought of decimating a Geology Department borders on insanity. This is especially true of a flagship university that sits about 150 feet above sea level in a state where the top three revenue generators are, in order, tourism, agriculture and mining.
So, what can you do about this? Simple. Contact the Dean, Provost, and President to voice your support for The Geology Department (contact info follows). Also, it would be a good idea, if you are a Floridian, to contact your state representatives and tell them to stop cutting money from higher education. If, like me, you just care about the erosion of higher education due to incessant budget cutbacks, I would recommend you contact your own state representatives and make sure they know that Florida's actions are not advisable.

Website: http://www.geology.ufl.edu

Dean Paul D’Anieri
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2014 Turlington Hall
P.O Box 117300
Gainesville FL 32611
P: 352.392.0780
F: 352.392.3584

Dr. Joseph Glover
Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
235 Tigert Hall
Box 113175
Gainesville, FL, 32611-3175

Dr. Bernie Machen
President University of Florida
226 Tigert Hall
PO Box 113150
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
Ph: 352-392-1311
Fax: 352-392-9506

hat tip to Pharyngula, where I first found out about this.
Update: The higher ups have put off making a final decision until they know what their financial situation is (here). I would still contact the university officials and your state representatives. Don't let them consider the prospect of dismantling an effective science program as a viable option to save money in the short term.

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Mel said...

Thanks! I was a former FL resident and will be writing to the Dean, Provost, and President. I just didn't have time to make a blog post. Thanks!


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