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06 April 2009

Stick Figure Meme

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy is passing the word about a contest from the Florida Citizens for Science. I don't care much about the contest, but I think it could make a reasonably funny meme. Especially since this seems to be a majority of geologists "stick" [rimshot] when it comes to drawing things other than outcrops or block diagrams.

The rules are simple:

Contest for ages 13 through adult (I imagine most of us geobloggers are in this category):
Your job is to create a cartoon that can be used to educate the general public and especially decision makers (state legislators, school board members) about the truth behind one false argument. Choose an argument… and create a cartoon that corrects the record.

Contest for ages 12 and under (for the precocious jr. geobloggers of the world):
Your job is to create a cartoon that tells everyone “why understanding science is important.”

Here is my entry into the meme (sorry I don't think it is very funny, unless you think something like Crime and Punishment is a great basis for a sitcom. Click to enlarge):


Callan Bentley said...

That's well done! By the way, thanks for recommending the Skeptic's Guide to me. I've been listening to it ever since, and getting a lot out of it.

Bryan said...

Thank you very much,
And no worries about SGU. It is one of my favorite podcasts. I'm glad you like it.


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