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28 July 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart...er... Sun

Haven't posted in a while, so here goes a general science thread (plus it is neat, and somewhat time sensitive).

This Friday there will be a total solar eclipse (Huzzah!). Haven't seen one of those in years. Unfortunately, I live nowhere near where it will happen.

If anybody has some work to do up in Nunavut (and is reading this blog), you should get a good show.

For the rest of us, NASA is putting up a webcast. And they have plenty of info on where and when solar eclipses occur next (or have occurred in the past).

The next show which I may be around in the area for happens in 2017. Here are the Total Solar eclipses for North America up to 2050
There will also be an annular eclipse in 2012 (on my Birthday nonetheless, that makes me feel special. Maybe astrology is not just a crackpot wackaloonery piece of crap... oh wait).

08 July 2008

Look out MyFacebook!!

At least as far as those pesky edu-macated types are concerned.

A couple of grad students have started a social networking site. Shocking, I know. But there is a hook. The aim of the site is to help coordinate graduate researchers in similar fields in order to start building contacts for later research projects.

It seems pretty low-key right now (not many people have found it, I assume). So here I am doing my small (very small) part. I am providing a link!

Graduate Junction

If any geologist types decide to join, feel free to look up the group I am creating. "Foreland Basins Discussion Group" (the only group with "beer" as a search word).

On a side note. There is a disturbing trend in the geo web-o-sphere. On the new social networking site "Graduate Junction" there is an appalling lack of geologists (~20, including me). More disturbing still is the lack of sedimentary geologists (~5, though 2 counted only as a half). When compared with Physics (60), Biology (67), and Chemistry (105!!!) it is clear we are underrepresented.

Don't let those test-tube cleaning, frog squeezing, Higgs-boson huggers beat us out. There is a reason why our meetings are awesome! Show your geologic pride!

BTW I apologize for the sparse posts (to anybody reading this). I have been trying to write the dread tome known as "The Thesis". But on the advice of 10 Million Years of Solitude's own Jeannette. I am stepping back (at least for the evening).

When phrases like "previous workers attempts have had all the subtlety of a hammer hitting a tea-cup" start sneaking into the manuscript it is time for a break. Though I still find that sentence amusing (if not a wee bit over-exaggerated).


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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
The photo of the travertine spring was taken in the small opening in the center of the image.

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