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16 March 2009

Spring Meme? Not Yet....

There is a Spring meme running around providing the tantalizing prospect of getting outdoors. Not so where I am. It is a bad sign when the Google weather app doesn't even show the snow symbol, just a snowman. Here is the view from my apartment of the Gallatin Range
I promise there is a mountain range back behind all the snow and low lying clouds. Previous participants in the Spring meme include: Kim, Silver Fox, Callan, and Geology Happens. Actually this is probably a good thing. We didn't really get any snow this fall. So, unless dry grass and trees become fire proof, this is the best way to avoid a miserably smokey summer.

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Silver Fox said...

It seems a little early around here to proclaim spring, although south-facing slopes are pretty snow-free. Still, it isn't even the end of March, yet. Sometimes the best snow comes in April, or May, or hopefully-not June.


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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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