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16 March 2009

While in the meme mood....

There is another one of these.
“What are ten things that every geology major ought to know about? The only restriction is you're not allowed to list anything that has already been listed by a previous geoblogger. You don't have to list everything, just ten important things."
My ten things:

1. Gravity happens
2. The Earth is a Dynamic Entity
3. Uniformitarianism
4. The Earth is not a closed system
5. Radiometric dating is not synonymous with C14 dating. While we are at it, let's get them to understand how radiometric dating works and how some creationists manipulate the results.
6. I guess this would lead nicely into Deep Time (Not limited to age of Earth, cover the Time Scale, 85% of Earth's history is dominated by single celled organisms, etc).
7. There were more than one Mass Extinction (Dinos weren't even killed by the biggest)
8. The Earth has a finite amount of resources and that ALL of our resources (with the exception of solar power I suppose) are directly derived FROM the Earth.
9. Steno's Principles of Stratigraphy (Superposition, Lateral Continuity, Inclusions, Cross-cutting relationships, and Original Horizontality)
10. Faunal Succession

Hmmm. Some of these get awful close to Mel's and Callan's lists. I'm not changing them, because I think they are slight modifications on a theme. Eric also has a list up. I agree with him that this will get very difficult as the meme progresses. Good Luck!
Edit: It is also up at Good Schist Hmmm.... I more or less mirrored the radiometric dating requirement... Oh well, number 9 can be broken into 5 separate principles if the meme overlords are that picky about no repetitions. I'm still not changing it ;P

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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM

Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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