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01 November 2009

Belated Halloween Post II: The Return of Narf!

Once again I am posting my Halloween costume after Halloween. Same reason as last year. Both years have been fun. However, this year spoke to the fact that I may, or may not, be a lab mouse involved in an intricate scheme to take over the world.That is me on the left (The Brain, most of the people downtown thought Pinky was the short smart one... dunderheads), and YES the tail is shaped like a lightning bolt. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. For my part, I must make plans for tomorrow night. "Why? what are you doing tomorrow night?" you might ask. The same thing I do every night... Try to GRADUATE!!!


Unknown said...

did you make this yourselves?!?! can i rent it from you? :D

Bryan said...

I have a friend who is very good at costuming. She pretty much figured out how to do all the work. Same with the Beaker and Bunsen costumes.

They are good for a little while. But they are mostly paper mache, so they don't transport well (they probably won't survive my next move unfortunately).

That said, they were fairly cheap to construct. Time was the major investment. I think both costumes ran around $20 each. This looks like a good place to start if you are interested. After we got the mask in the right shape, we just hot-glued felt (or some other fabric) over the mask.

For 'The Brain' we used balled up plastic bags for volume. and a cheap helmet to get the cranium a base to build on. Pinky just had a hood for the cranium, since it is a less exaggerated shape.

That is all I can really remember about the construction. They were very difficult to see out of, and they were also very warm. Also drinking wasn't possible with the Pinky and the Brain costumes (unless we removed the head). Just a couple of things to keep in mind should you decide to make your own. If you do, remember to have fun with it.


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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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