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23 November 2009

A Quick Joke

Well would you look at that. "Blog" is an increasingly popular buzzword in the published literature.You gotta feel bad for all those postmodern, pico-cybernetics, that run on cold-fusion though.


Silver Fox said...

And I guess that said subjected should not be the topic of a blog post. ;)

Silver Fox said...

Uh, "subject."

Bryan said...

I suppose, though I imagine 'cold-fusion' anything would actually become quite a popular post on a blog.

Whether from the true-believers who think cold fusion is real (and being kept hush-hush by the global cabal of scientists), or from the skeptics who use their data, facts, and understanding of science to relegate cold-fusion to the realm of junk science.

Either side would provide for a vigorous discussion in a comments thread. Though, only the skeptics would provide an interesting one I think. It wouldn't take the true-believers long to make the thread look like the EEdiot threads that are out there.

Silver Fox said...

We'd have to call them CF'ers, or something!


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Between Los Alamos,NM and White Rock, NM
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